Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Setup MicroStrategy on your BlackBerry

First off, I'm using a BB Bold 9700. Got it working on there, so now I want to do it from scratch on a Bold 9000 and see if I can document the process.

Steps I'm covering in this post:
  1. Make MSTR Mobile Client available for download
  2. Connect to Intelligence server

Step 1. Make MSTR mobile client available for download

Here I am assuming that you have IIS7 and MicroStrategy installed and working and you are not using BES.
This step is defined in the Mobile.pdf file found in your installation documents. It is under chapter 4, Installing Mobile client.
Here is a summary:
  • The client application is stored on your server in the folder C:\Program Files\MicroStrategy\Mobile . The folder C:\Program Files\MicroStrategy\Mobile\BlackBerry Client for Browser Deployment
  • I copied the entire Mobile directory to my wwwroot
  • In IIS, under your Default site, click the Mobile directory and be sure to enable Directory Browsing. Right click the Dir and convert it to an Application (I felt this to be the easiest way)
  • MIME Types: With the Mobile directory selected, click the MIME Types feature icon and add the following MIME types:
    - ".jad": text/
    - ".cod": application/vnd.rim.cod (Its already added, so just replace the value)
(Had a bit of an issue now... first time I did this I had to add the MIME Types, second time round I added them... didn't work. Then I deleted ".jad" and reverted ".cod" back to its original value... and it works... ?)
  • Goto the (server url)/Mobile site on your BB > into BB Client for Mobile Dev > Install MSTR Mobile
  • Install the thing .. reboot device

Step 2. Connect to Intelligence Server

  • Open App > Menu > Preferences
  • Default web server auth:
    I used Windows mode with my admin account details
  • Add a webserver:
    Name = I used my server IP
    Port = 0
    Proj Authentication:
    Mode = Standard
    Login = MSTR login (I used administrator) and password
  • Add Project
    Name = Name as in MSTR
    Server Name = once again I used my server IP
    Port = 0
  • Go back ... back... back and save
  • The server will try to connect and mine gives me an error:
    "Error: invalid url parameter"
  • To Solve this...
  • In main screen... hold "alt" and type "a","d","v"
  • The advanced menu comes up
  • At TCP Connection choose Direct
  • go Back and save
  • Try to reconcile... It gives another error: Status says the following
    "Error: APN is not specified"
  • To Solve this...
  • Exit App > BB Option >> Advanced Options >> TCP/IP >> Select APN Settings Enabled
  • Go back to MSTR and reconcile.... From here it worked on my Bold 9700, but the Bold 9000... it gives my another error "Error: Tunnel failed"
  • To Solve this
  • I figure that my 9700 had the APN setting already entered... so i had to manualy add it to the 9000.
  • First I got the APN for Vodacom South Africa from Google (its "internet"), where you enabled APN type in the APN name. Save and run MSTR and subscribe.
  • Worked for me


I did this before hand, but you are probably going to have to create a mobile subscription on the MSTR server itself, don't know about this, but follow the manuals and you'll be fine



  1. Hi,
    Thanks a lot for your post, it was very helpful for me.
    I am at the end of your post but now i have a new error message : Tcp receive timed out.
    Have you an idea about this problem ?
    I have a BB 9700.

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