Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Level Metric Formulas

When creating a level metric on the fly (Derived metric inside a report), there is some syntax you need to know for the different grouping and filtering options.
The table bellow shows the different options:



Metric Level target
~ Report Level
[Attribute Name] Target
Symbols placed before the target
No symbol Grouping = Standard
! Grouping = None
<| Grouping = Beginning fact
>| Grouping = Ending fact
< Grouping = Beginning lookup
> Grouping = Ending lookup
Symbols placed after the target
+ Filtering = Standard
* Filtering = Absolute
% Filtering = Ignore
No symbol Filtering = None

The above means that, if you need to create a dynamic level metric, it would look like this:
Sum([Metric]) {~}
Sum([Metric]) {[Year]}
Sum([Metric]) {![Year]*}

I got these definitions from Raja Vel on his blog:


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